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Review of Commencal Absolut Dirt Jump Bike 2020

Commencal Absolut Dirt Jump Bike 2020 Review

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The Commencal Absolut Dirt Jump Bike 2020 is also known under the merchant product identification number of 101857088. We found the item for sale online at the trusted retailer website of Wiggle Online Cycle Shop, when we last checked the selling price was just £999.99 plus the 0 delivery cost if applicable or if the price of the item is below the minimum to qualify for free delivery.

Whilst researching this items review, our team found that the brand name that produces this item is Commencal and it is most commonly found listed under the category name of Bikes.

The manufacturer description for the product is as follows: This top-level dirt-jumper ascends to the highest levels of performance, control and style. It launches, carves and sends gaps with more precision and ability-inspiring confidence than anything you have experienced. With an immensely durable and lightweight triple-butted alloy frame at its core, this gravity-defying trail bike is perfect for sending the largest features and throwing the most technical tricks. And, with Manitou Circus fork at its helm to soak up the buzz from harsher landings, this ride is ultra-smooth and stable and ready for anything. Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Alexrims FR30 Wheels and Maxxis DTH 2.3″ Tyres Commencal has equipped this rig with a durable and efficient drivetrain, which consists of 2-piece CrMo cranks, a 32T chainring and a 12T sprocket cassette. This classic drivetrain’s performance is enhanced thanks to the superb materials and attention to detail with the frame geometry to get the greatest balance between power transfer and control, this jump bike is truly a wonder to experience. To ensure you have braking power when you need to slow suddenly or scrub speed precisely, this bike features Tektro HD-M285 hydraulic disc brakes. Finally, to top off this awesome bike-build, it rolls on dirt-jump ready Alexrims FR 30 rims, which are wrapped in Maxxis DTH 26×2.3″ tyres for out of this world grip and stability in all weather conditions. Built, Tuned and Tested Rest assured that each bike is fully built, tested and tuned by Wiggle’s team of qualified bike mechanics to ensure your bike arrives in perfect condition. Find out which size fits you by clicking the size chart tab.

Here are a few other details we found whilst looking up reviews for the Commencal Absolut Dirt Jump Bike 2020:
Last updated:
Specifications: Medium White;Large White
Model number:
Category: Bikes

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